Why do we dream? (from a mostly non-scientific viewpoint)

Some people have them, some people don’t.  At times they can be so vivid we are entirely immersed into them, other times we can’t remember them at all.  So for something that varies so much, what exactly is the purpose of dreaming?

I’m certainly no scientist and tend to consider myself on the more philosophical side of questions like these- so if you’re looking for answers about REM Sleep, etc, go to Wikipedia or something.  If you ask me, and you’re reading this so basically you are, dreams are our subconscious minds way of speaking to the conscious part of our brain.  And perhaps it can be said that our subconscious absorbs so much throughout the day, derives so many complex theories and ideas for you using that information, that the only way it can attempt to communicate these ideas to you are when you are most relaxed and free of your own active thoughts during sleep.  Not to say that your subconscious thoughts are not your own- they certainly are.  The challenging part is gaining access to these thoughts, and only in the right amount.

If we had to think about everything we did, such as breathing, adjusting our internal body temperature, and a million other things you don’t even realize your subconscious does for you- we’d be an absolute mess.  Our subconscious mind controls so much of what we do when we are actively living and thinking on our own that it’s no wonder advertisers have preyed on this secluded part of our minds for years.  A picture of a Coke can flashes during the screen cuts in the movie you’re seeing and disappears so quickly you don’t even notice it.  But that subconscious of yours does.  And it starts to implant the idea that hey, maybe you’re feeling a little thirsty, doesn’t a Coke sound nice?

So now I present to you a way to take advantage of your seemingly useless dreaming at night.  You still feel just as rested when you wake up, but I believe if you practice what I’m about to describe to you, you’ll be feeling more productive to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish.  When you’re laying back in your bed, waiting for those lingering thoughts to fade away into sleep, take control.  Start thinking about what it is you want to do the next day.  Make it as vague or specific as you wish.  “Tomorrow I will get all of my class work for the week done.  I will relish in the challenge of it.  I will enjoy each and every assignment I finish- because even though the actual work may not be fun, the success in finishing it for the week is invigorating.”  Or just try “As I sleep tonight I’m going to focus on being a more positive person.  I’m going to have a positive mindset when I wake in the morning.”

So now that you’ve done everything you have to, let your subconscious take care of the rest.  Perhaps it will present to you an idea of how you can do what you’ve communicated you want to do in the form of a dream.  It will really do what you are telling it you wish to do.  And think about it, why wouldn’t it?  Your mind is you, and therefore wants the best for you, so this is just a way for it to help you accomplish your goals.  Or at least change your mindset a little.  It’s not some “ooo mysterious talking to my subconscious mind that controls me.”  It’s just like telling yourself what you need to get done- at a time when you are more likely to listen and act on those things.

Allow your mind to flourish and so will you.

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