Your Lack of Success is Inspiring

Inspiration is something we all seek out at times.  Today I offer you a slightly off-the-wall idea for where to find your next form of it.  People can be inspired by artwork, music, celebrities, and countless other things.  But one place that I’ve been finding myself getting inspired by recently has surprised me- the lack of other people’s success.

At first it sounds a little messed up, but allow me to explain why this can be a beneficial location for you to source your inspiration from.  I find myself looking at people around me, mostly ones I know, and thinking to myself- why have you put yourself in this position?  You had opportunity, you had chances, why did you mess it up?  It makes me seriously wonder- is this the life these people intended to live all along?  Or did they have goals that they just couldn’t accomplish?  I believe in most cases it is the latter.

I use their failures as an example.  I use their lack of being able to provide.  I use their nonexistence of abundance.  It inspires me to be the exact opposite, to be successful in ways these kinds of people probably cannot even imagine.  And in a way, now that I have attained this point of view- these people have begun to disgust me.  Do they feel content with themselves?  I cannot imagine how they could.

I’d like to put some of your confusion to rest.  I do not judge the people in this world who have found happiness with a simple life.  I judge those who did not choose that life and are forced to live one they are unhappy in because of their failures.  Many of them had the opportunities they needed in order to reach their goals, yet could not follow through.  I used to pity them, but no longer.  They are lazy in my mind, ignorant above all others.  Take the child born into a poverty ravished country- he knows nothing of opportunity, of the goals I and others like me have.  This child is different from the people I discussed before.  The kid did not miss out on opportunity from his own doing, he was simply born into the circumstance and therefor knows little of nothing else.  I will never prosecute someone who was born into a life with little hope of great things.  But I will forever applaud those who manage to crawl their way out of it.

I encourage you to take a look around at the people in your life.  Ask yourself if they had a chance to do what they wanted and failed to.  You don’t have to hate them, you can still get along with them just as you always have before.  But now use their failures to drive you to reaching your personal successes.

Never settle.  If you don’t consider it settling and you are truly happy then you have won.  If you decide you can “live with this” then you have lost.

2 thoughts on “Your Lack of Success is Inspiring

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  1. meeting these types of people that inspire you not to be like them may be the type you can help when you have reached your own goals in life. Sometimes all they need is someone who makes them feel they are worthy of success in their lives also. Sometimes people have the opportunity to be something that is their life goal financially but are often put down by other people making them feel they will never be respected or taken seriously in life. These people are often overlooked in life and truly ruin their self esteem. Just a thought,


    1. I agree with helping others once you have reached your own goals, but anyone who needs someone else to tell them that they can be successful can still be placed in the category I described in the article.


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