To a Night Unknown

Night, a time rivaled only by the day prior and the day that follows. The classic way of thinking is “There’s always tomorrow.” “Let’s get a fresh Start tomorrow morning.” “Let’s call it a night.” Why? Why do we always look to the next day for opportunity? I wish to reveal to you the under appreciated opportunities of the night.

Night is often left to the procrastinating essay writer, the business man with too much work to get done in a 12 hour day at the office, the so-called “late night tokers” and many other types of people. But I say night holds promise for everyone.

Night doesn’t always have to be defined as a time for rest. I prefer to give it the title of a time for the mind to explore. A time for the brain to wander and think of the intricate beauties we commonly overlook in the bustle of our everyday. Night is where we can search out our deeper inner thoughts, and not just let them pass by like usual. It’s a time where we can gaze out our bedroom window and be amazed by the vastness of our World. This gazing can lead one to think of some of the more meaningful and puzzling questions of life. “What is my purpose? What do I want to do with this life?” And I believe you’ll find that the answers you discover will hold more value when thought of in the night. That they are for certain a more truthful answer to yourself than your reply may be in the daytime. It’s because the dark gives us a humbling sense, it makes us undeniably more honest with ourselves.

Perhaps the best way to think of it is that night is the time to input the ideas you wish to take action on the next day. Sometimes you can be so overwhelmed with motivation that you even act on them before waiting for day to arrive. It doesn’t matter either way, you’ve done the important part- you’ve become honest with yourself. You’ve set your mind to take action on accomplishing the next task. Get to the bottom of what it is your mind is wondering about before bed and you’ll find you have less of those annoying thoughts that keep you from sleep. You’ll be excited to be thinking of real things that, yes, you CAN do. And by doing so you can fall asleep quicker, and wake up easier with a more defined purpose.

Get the tough part out of the way, so that waking up isn’t what you dread, it’s something you look forward to. I used to wish for the longest nights, that while I slept it would feel like it lasted for as long as possible. Simply because I didn’t want to wake up, go to school, or whatever other task it was I wasn’t looking forward to. But those days are long behind me now. I seek progression in every next day with the ideas of the night before still fresh in my head.

Try it out, see that making a conscious effort to better yourself actually works in your advantage. Determine what you want, give yourself a few ideas of how you can achieve it, and then allow your mind to rest. Sure, there’s always tomorrow- but why not embrace the night?

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