An Unusual Idol

When you ask a child who is hero is you generally get back the same answers. Superman, parents, firemen, amongst others. My idol differs from these greatly, and doesn’t happen to be one individual.

I’ll give you the most recent example of someone I looked up to as a person to be like one day. I was sitting on a plane next to a man with a laptop. I said maybe three words to him the entire duration of the flight. I watched as, for three hours, this guy typed away- answering countless emails, editing PowerPoints, and analyzing an insane amount of Excel spreadsheets. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking- This is the guy you look up to? Well yeah, but it’s not so much this one particular random stranger, it’s all the others that are like him, busy making money and affecting the world from their computer.

I’m certainly not telling you that I don’t look up to my parents. Of course I do, just in different ways. My dad has a job that requires much of the same work the man on the plane was doing, but I look up to him and my mom for their other exceptional qualities. Not everyone can be a police officer, and not everyone wants to be. We must become content with the idea that we can be inspired to become whatever we choose. There is no need to conform to anything.

One quality I saw as something I wish to improve on was the man’s overwhelming work ethic that seemed pretty much effortless. Another was, as cliché as it sounds, the way he carried himself. His unimpressed nature with all that First Class offered him showed he had a good sense of entightlement. Often entightlement is seen as a poor quality. And in some cases I agree with this, but when you act like you’re entightled to what you have earned- I see this as self respect. He wasn’t snobby or rude to me or the flight attendants, he treated them as an equal even though in ways he was superior.

I do not know exactly what the man did for a living, but it matters not. I know that he commanded respect from those around him and rightfully so. Never be ashamed of who inspires you, you may even inspire people the way you are right now. You wouldn’t want those people to be ashamed, would you?

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