Let Me Tell You Something

Let me tell you something about love. It’s the kind of something that not everyone will be able to understand, but I hope to do the best I can while telling you.

The word love cannot express all that is behind it. There is so much behind that small word, so much that can seem impossible to explain- and some of it truly is that way. But that is not something to be saddened or disappointed by. Love in in its truest, deepest form is something entirely other than love. Love is more than a feeling, we only perceive it as a feeling because that’s all we know. But truly it is more of its own entity than only a feeling. An easier way of understanding what I’m trying to tell you is that love is a connection. A bond.

Love can be pictured as a blue line of light connecting one being to another. The stronger, more pure, and deep you can picture that line is sort of like how much love you have for that other being. It’s incredibly challenging to limit love to this image alone, because in all honesty even this is inaccurate. You see, love is endless. To tie it down to the simple image of a string of lights connecting one soul to another is almost pathetic. But that’s how I want you to imagine it. Because I’m trying to tell you something, something so unimaginably complex that I wish I had more than words to describe it to you. And because love is an endless and boundless entity, we must allow ourselves to picture that beam of light in one ultimate form when love reaches a certain level between two things.

So, if you truly love someone in a way that makes you feel like you desire to understand that love more- picture it like this: The strongest most pure and deep blue beam of light spreading from you to your loved one, connecting the two of you in the most ultimate astronomical way fathomable. That there is nothing in all existence that can cut through that line because you know the two of you would never do anything to hurt each other or make that light go dimmer or any less strong. So, really, if you feel the type of love I’m trying to describe to you about someone, this is the love that is completely endless and unbreakable. It is stronger than anything else I have ever thought of- much less experienced. It cannot lessen, only become more powerful, more blue, more endless.

People don’t often think of love as the color blue, but for me- that’s what best describes this visualization. The thing is, once you reach this understanding that your love is invincible, you no longer have to worry about understanding it anymore. Simply because it serves no purpose to understand it at this point. You can go on loving your individual and never have to think again about how deep your love for them goes. You know, you more than know, that the love connecting you and them is infinite in power and strength and feeling.

I know- love contradicts itself. You try so hard to understand it and once you reach this level of understanding you no longer desire or need to. You simply love and you go on loving. Often, it is one person trying to define how much they love another, or think about how much they love another, that ends up causing the end of their relationship. But if you truly have the most pure and deep sense of love for them- you don’t have to worry about understanding it and you are infinitely connected.

Perhaps it is even to small of a thing to limit love to the word life. If you ask me, love can go beyond life. That blue light does not break, remember? It is invincible, immortal even, if you wish to think of it like that. So if you love someone like I just did my best to tell you, stop trying to understand it after reading this. Just go on loving them with everything you have. Because if I’ve gained any of your trust at all, you can trust me that this thing we call love is the most beautiful thing in all existence. Give it to the one you choose, enjoy every second of it, but never fear it- for it does not end.

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  1. This is just so BEAUTIFUL! And timely…at least to me. I wonder every single day why I still love this man so much despite our relationship having ended a decade ago. I could never get elicit an explanation that resembled anything close to an understanding. Yours is clear and precise! Thank you so much for your words. Truly grateful!

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