Your Lack of Success is Inspiring

Inspiration is something we all seek out at times.  Today I offer you a slightly off-the-wall idea for where to find your next form of it.  People can be inspired by artwork, music, celebrities, and countless other things.  But one place that I've been finding myself getting inspired by recently has surprised me- the lack... Continue Reading →

Escaping Normality

When you think of normal, what comes to mind?  A guy who drinks his morning cup of coffee on the way to his 9-5?  The real question is, why do we all strive to attain mediocrity? Now, some of you could say I'm a hypocrite when it comes to the subject.  I'm going to a... Continue Reading →

The Hope of Disappointment

We go through a lot of emotions- I mean a LOT.  But there is one in particular I've found people try to avoid at all costs.  Disappointment.  Think about it, when we cause people to feel other things like anger, we almost get a rush off it in the moment.  And although we may regret... Continue Reading →

An Unusual Idol

When you ask a child who is hero is you generally get back the same answers. Superman, parents, firemen, amongst others. My idol differs from these greatly, and doesn’t happen to be one individual. I’ll give you the most recent example of someone I looked up to as a person to be like one day.... Continue Reading →

To a Night Unknown

Night, a time rivaled only by the day prior and the day that follows. The classic way of thinking is “There’s always tomorrow.” “Let’s get a fresh Start tomorrow morning.” “Let’s call it a night.” Why? Why do we always look to the next day for opportunity? I wish to reveal to you the under... Continue Reading →

Our Dictionary of Understanding

Even if we all spoke the same language, say English just for this example, we would often find ourselves still struggling to make others understand the meaning behind our words. And it’s for one reason- we all have different ways of interpreting someone else’s words. Before I dive right into it let me give you... Continue Reading →

Let Me Tell You Something

Let me tell you something about love. It’s the kind of something that not everyone will be able to understand, but I hope to do the best I can while telling you. The word love cannot express all that is behind it. There is so much behind that small word, so much that can seem... Continue Reading →

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