Been Away

And it seems it's been quite some time, Since I last sat down to write a rhyme. I've aged beyond what years can bring, I've sought to find to that which I can cling. I wish to be here, I long to be there. I've grown out my beard, as well as my hair. But... Continue Reading →

Inside an Old Tome

There's a bridge that's known; not to those who look, But to the searcher who finds himself opening this book. An age-old tome, in which adventures of grandeur await, But before you cross this path, you should know the reader's fate. The main character, you ask? I thought you'd realized by now- Why it's you,... Continue Reading →

Oak on the Hillside

On hillside of green I lay back in the grass, Clouds going by, I watch as they pass. They remind me of time, some fast some slow. You get a choice in this life, that much I know. The days that I spend beneath my favorite old oak, Philosophical thoughts are always evoked. My days... Continue Reading →

Awake and Wonder

Sometimes I lay awake and wonder, Why poems are often written about lightning and thunder. And the moon, and stars, and things of the night, So often seem to be in the poems we write. But once I was troubled, cursed to write only of lost love, Now I cherish those poems of stars, and... Continue Reading →

Pointy peaks

I step from mountain peak to peak. Across land masses both great and weak. And it never occurred, not once the thought- I should of payed attention to the shoes that I brought. Mountains are pointy, their peaks even more so. Its beginning to hurt my feet, from my heel to pinky toe.

Hallows Eve

Under moonlit treetops, Shadows tall and still. This night you’d hear a pin drop, And the wind would give you chills. I’m frightened to my bones, my legs are nearly shaking, I hear the ghastly ghouls; I fear my breath they’re taking. Put on your mask, we’ve got to be quick! On Hallows Eve, it’s... Continue Reading →

Sky Bay

Across the river and down the way, There's a man who rides a mighty bay. But not on ground, nor water, no less, Across the skies this bay will bless. Hoofprints on cloud, no thunder's too loud, Nothing can stop the sky bay. Yup, it's a poem about a flying horse. idk man, idk.

Onward Ocean

Raise the sails, full mast, full mast! We've come to ocean open and vast. We'll ride this voyage through sun and storm, And huddle in furs to try to stay warm. The meals aren't great, they're awful at best. But alas dear friend, our ship heads West. To the land of spice, good trade, and... Continue Reading →

Rid of Shadow

For a time it seemed I had a shadow of two, Looming behind me, keeping me back was you. Not you in the flesh but your memory in a way, Kept me from having any sort of productive day. So I banished this daemon, sent it back to the unknown, And I hope that now... Continue Reading →

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